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My Works

John Rarey: Horse Tamer

What was it about John S. Rarey and his fiery dark stallion Cruiser, that people found so fascinating? Huge audiences flocked to see them whenever they appeared on stage, whether in London, England or New York City. This transatlantic team set the horse world on fire, with their courageous campaign to champion the humane handling of horses.

New Horse Handbook

This book shares practical information to help all the scared and lonely horses that are moving to new stables; as well as those who care for them and about them. The guidelines for transport and feeding at new locations could save horses and their owners from serious trouble, such as life-threatening cases of colic. Also emphasized is the importance of respecting and being aware of your horse’s emotional well-being.

The Wild Horse: An Adopter’s Manual

For new adopters, or those considering adoption, this book is designed to help prepare for the special needs of a wild horse. Chapters explore what to expect at the adoption center, choosing a healthy horse, precautions for transport, and steps on gentling and helping your horse settle into a domestic lifestyle. The experience of taming and loving a wild horse is a deep and powerful thrill.